Clinton West Neighborhood Plan

The Clinton West Neighborhood Plan is the township comprehensive plan for the Western portion of Clinton Township in Franklin County, Ohio. The planning area includes residential neighborhoods, a major shopping center and some industrial areas.

When: July, 2011 – Summer, 2012

What did I do: Acted as project manager and lead planner for the project. Conducted three public meetings and twelve stakeholder interviews with township trustees, area commissioners, residents and planners in nearby jurisdictions. The spreads below show a fuller scope of my work on the plan.

The Current Conditions section of the document includes a series of maps, which I created in GIS. The maps and information give the basis for plan recommendations.The Current Conditions section also includes graphs showing the results of the various public meetings. I presented the plan to the public and worked with a team to organize the feedback.

The largest section of the document is the Recommendations Section. I wrote the text and setup the layout for the full document.

The final section, Implementation, includes tables listing major players needed to accomplish goals as well as community priorities.